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Support our troops: Keep actively opposing the war against Iraq

By Damon Krane Monday, March 31, 2003 The Athens News ****************** Having already spoken out against the war, Editor Terry Smith’s March 20 column expresses the hope that he’s been wrong all along. The hope is admirable, but the course … Continue reading

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Attack on anti-war cartoon illogical, fascistic

By Damon Krane March 11, 2003 Unpublished letter, submitted to The Post (Athens, Ohio) ******************** James Yerian, the writer of Monday’s “Iraqi Children Do Not Support Saddam,” is irate at The Post for publishing an anti-war cartoon by Mike Lukovich, … Continue reading

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Our institutions have failed us; it’s up to us to make change

March 1, 2003 Speech given at anti-war rally on Ohio University’s College Green ******************* The last time I was at a rally with this many people on College Green it was last February’s walkout against sexual assault and hate crimes. … Continue reading

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