Press Conference Handout: Athens Can’t Wait Coalition

By Damon Krane
On behalf of Athens Can’t Wait Coalition general body membership
October 1, 2005


What is the Athens Gan’t Wait Coalition?

The Coalition is an alliance of several local progressive organizations and numerous unaffiliated individuals who are determined to help build a national movement to contain and eventually drive out the Bush regime. Currently, the Coalition’s member groups include InterAct, Students for Peace and Justice, Positive Action, the Federation of United Queers and numerous individuals not affiliated with any group. We invite other local groups and individuals to join us by emailing athenscantwait@*******.com or attending one of our meetings Tuesdays at 9pm and Fridays at 3pm in Bentley Hall, room 021.

What is the Goalition’s Relationship to The World Gan’t Wait?

The Athens Can’t Wait Coalition formed in response to a call to action entitled The World Can’t Wait. While we agree with the main idea of the call, and are affiliated with the national office of WCW, the Coalition is governed locally and democratically by its members. We are part of a national movement, NOT a local chapter of a national office. For more info on WCW, keep reading and visit

Why November 2nd?

Rather than celebrating the first anniversary of Bush’s re-“election,” we thought we’d instead kick off a movement to drive his regime from power.

Bush won the 2004 election. Aren’t you being anti-democratic by opposing him?

Amid charges of voter suppression and fraud, Bush won the 2004 election by the slimmest margin of any re-elected president in US history. Since then, his approval ratings have sunk to their lowest level ever, with only 25 percent of Americans now wanting to see the next president implement similar policies. Democracy is about taking responsibility for your country and working to move it in the right direction, not idly sitting by while a criminal regime runs amuck.

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