Local magazine thanks all who have helped it with its mission

By Damon Krane
March 20, 2008
Athens News: Letter


On behalf of The InterActivist magazine and the local center for activist development People Might, I would like to thank everyone who made our March 15 fundraiser at Casa a smashing success!

“Hard Up for Cash,” an all-male revue to benefit The InterActivist, was a foray into new territory for us, to be sure. But thanks to 11 courageous dancers, two vibrant MCs, DJ Barticus, a comedian, event organizers, the staff of Casa Cantina and a maximum-capacity crowd, the event turned out to be a great time for a great cause.

What exactly is that cause? As Athens’ only politically progressive magazine, The InterActivist has so far brought independent news, progressive views and information on local social-justice organizing to thousands of local readers, while providing free publicity to 40 regional activist groups and hands-on experience in alternative media production to 80 young progressives. We’ve tackled a multitude of local issues in the past four years and published on-the-scene reports from Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, India, Mexico, Venezuela and El Salvador.

At the same time, we’ve carried in-depth interviews with veteran local activists including Mickey Hart, Sonia Marcus, Akil Houston, Dave Logan, Amy Melnyk, Tom Walker, and Art and Peggy Gish, plus members of groups such as the Latino Student Union, The Wire and the OU Chapter of the American Association of University Professors. Today an average issue of The InterActivist is over 40 pages long, and our staff (mostly volunteers) numbers nearly 30 people.

We know we’ve still got plenty of room for improvement. But thanks to the growing community of supporters who share our vision of transforming Athens into a vital training ground for the progressive movement, we continue to forge ahead. That’s why, in addition to the impressive array of amateur male strippers who’ve just joined the fold, we’d also like to thank our co-sponsoring student organizations InterAct, Amnesty International, Up In Arms, Sustainable Living Organization and Sierra Student Coalition.

Thanks also go to the socially conscious musicians of Black Spyral Dancer, The Red Army, Five Deadly Venoms, Kaslo, October Fist, Gelatinous Cube, Erich Hiner and Esskyma, who recently donated hundreds of dollars to The InterActivist – money that would have gone into their own pockets otherwise. Considering that many of these young musicians subsist on low-wage day jobs, their dedication to social change and social justice is exemplary.

Add to these student activists and local musicians the broad assortment of local business owners, community activists, progressive OU faculty and former campus activists who also provide us with financial support, and it’s clear to see that we’re in very good company. We encourage you to take the first step to becoming part of this dedicated community of local progressives by picking up your free copy of The InterActivist today!

Damon Krane
Project Coordinator, The InterActivist
Director, People Might

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