10 Years Later: Anti-War Writings, Old & New

Latest Pics _March8_2013
Krane (right, in red shirt with dreadlocks) on March 19, 2003 joins a crowd of anti-war demonstrators sitting-in at Court and Union, the main intersection of uptown Athens, Ohio which borders the main campus of Ohio University. Photo by Lindsay Eyink

By Damon Krane
March 19, 2013
Blog Exclusive


I was heavily involved in the anti-war movement of the past decade as both an organizer and a writer. Thus to mark today, the tenth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, I am posting a collection of my writing on that war.

Of the material that makes up today’s post, some is old writing that was published in various newspapers and one magazine between 2002 and 2007. However, there are also several pieces of “new” old writing, written between 2002 and 2007 but not published until now. Finally, you’ll find a piece I wrote last month as a kind of afterword that wraps up some of the topics addressed in these pieces.

The second installment of my war anniversary-related writing, which I hope to post within the next few days, will be a completely new piece that I’m currently writing: a retrospective critique of the anti-war movement.


As I type these words as a 33-year-old, at 2:00 a.m. on March 19, 2013, I am reminded that exactly ten years ago a 23-year-old version of myself was up late spray painting banners for the following day’s anti-war rally. The Ohio University Post captured that night on my front porch in Tim Pappa’s March 20, 2003 article, “Students prep for disobedience,” and as the Athens News reported in its March 20, 2003 article, “Students choose between studying for finals and protesting against war”

“Krane and senior Roger Hill climbed onto the roof of Perk’s Coffee Shop during the rally at Court and Union streets and dropped banners with phrases such as, “If you liked Sept. 11, you’ll love the war on Iraq” and “Anti-war is not anti-American.”

“Krane and Hill were also among the group of students who refused to leave the street after the scheduled sit-in and were arrested by Athens Police. Both said they felt their choice to engage in civil disobedience was worth the price and they would do it again.”

And we did. Again and again over the years that followed.

How much it changed is debatable and, indeed, the subject of a lot of my writing. I hope you’ll check out some of this work. I hope it will amuse, inform, inspire, outrage and infuriate you. But on this grim anniversary, most of all I’m hoping we can all still learn something more from the countless tragedies of the past decade.

Pre-Invasion Selections: September 2002 – March 2003

U.S. case for war against Iraq couldn’t be weaker
September 30, 2002
The Post (Athens, Ohio): weekly column

Faith and War: In Bush we trust?
October 13, 2002
The Post (Athens, Ohio): weekly column
October 24, 2002
The Arbiter (Boise, Idaho)

Talking about a revolution?
October 20, 2002
The Post (Athens, Ohio): weekly column

Our institutions have failed us; it’s up to us to make a change
March 1, 2003
Speech delivered at anti-war rally on OU’s College Green, organized by Roger Hill

Attack on anti-war cartoon illogical, fascistic
March 1, 2003
Unpublished letter to the editor submission to The Post (Athens, Ohio)

Post-Invasion Selections: March 2003 – February 2013

Support our troops: Keep actively opposing the war on Iraq
March 31, 2003
Athens News

Weighing the human costs of war from a safe distance
April 10, 2003
Athens News

Don’t throw out the baby with the bong water: ‘From protest to resistance’ is a 1960s lesson to remember
April 14, 2005
The Post (Athens, Ohio)
May 15, 2005
The InterActivist Magazine

World Can’t Wait… for decent journalism
November 4, 2005
The Post (Athens, Ohio)
November 6, 2005

OU students unite! You have nothing to gain but civic responsibility!
November 8, 2005

Responding to more J-student nonsense about counter-recruitment…
November 10, 2005

Are soldiers to blame for the Iraq war? Fortune cookie says…
November 15, 2005

Don’t let president Bush hold our troops hostage to his agenda
November 17, 2005
Athens News

Media bias demonstrates need for citizen journalism
February 10, 2006
The InterActivist

Is this supposed to be a lesson on media ethics?
April 15, 2006
The InterActivist

Ohio University Post goes from laughing off genocide to openly advocating it
September 18, 2007
The Post (Athens, Ohio)

Latino group discusses conflict with Ohio University newspaper
October 15, 2007
The InterActivist

Ohio University Post and J-school take turn for the worse, stay the course for three years
February 24, 2013

Latest Pics _March8_2013_001
Demonstrators protesting George W. Bush’s second presidential inauguration on January 20, 2005 in Washington, D.C. amid a sea of riot police. Photo by Damon Krane

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