When America went left, the American Left went nowhere
April 4, 2013
Blog Post

Media bias demonstrates need for citizen journalism
February 10, 2006
The InterActivist Magazine (Athens, Ohio)

Our institutions have failed us; it’s up to us to make change
March 1, 2003
Speech delivered at anti-war rally in Athens, Ohio

February 10, 2001
The Athens Agenda Magazine

Public schools aren’t suppoed to be “enclaves of totalitarianism,” but some local administrators and police never learn
December 8, 2000

Free Student Press: Because 12 years is too long to be silenced
September 1, 2000
Democracy & Education

The real story from Seattle: A first-hand account of the WTO protests
December 1-3, 1999
Santa Monica Times Mirror
Terminal Journal

South High Journal: Observations from an inner city vocational-technical magnet school
May 5, 1999

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