United Athens County Tenants Investigation reveals apartment ceiling collapse followed 14-year history of negligence by landlord and city officials at property whose owner is both a landlord and city official
November 15, 2022
United Athens County Tenants

City code obligates officials to shut down overcharging towing companies
November 24, 2021
Athens News

Wife of Ohio Sheriff who protected and promoted racist cops advocates far-right violence against husband’s “satanic” constituents
March 17, 2021
Athens County Copwatch

When the Confederate flag wasn’t racist for me
August 13, 2021
Athens News

Local news reporting the silver lining of historic mass arrest of anti-racist activists
February 25, 2017
Athens News

Danger to our east?
Industrial polluter claims its operations are safe while agencies investigate and activists push for change

March 26, 2007
The Athens News (cover story featuring my photography)

Film fest documentaries have Athens connections
April 18, 2013
The Athens News

Why should minorities support white student power?
November 2, 2006
The Athens News
Athens Post

Faculty activists successfully resist benefits reductions
April 10, 2004
The InterActivist

Hard work finding labor studies at Ohio University
September 23, 2002
Athens Post

Why I won’t be watching the Oscars or three nominees for Best Picture anytime soon
February 24, 2013

Napalming dogs at Wal-Mart
September 16, 2002
Athens Post (weekly column)
September 17, 2002
Daily Utah Chronicle

From Censorship to Neglect:
Athens County’s Public High Schools & Students’ First Amendment Press Rights

January 26, 2004
Free Student Press

Latino group discusses conflict with Ohio University newspaper
October 15, 2007
The InterActivist

Talking about a revolution?
October 20, 2002
Athens Post (weekly column)

Indie rockers of the world unite:
You have nothing to lose but your stylish ball chain

November 18, 2002
Athens Post (weekly column)
December 1, 2002
Bettawreckonize (Akron, Ohio-based online indie music and culture magazine; now defunct)

Akil Houston: Hiphop scholar mixes culture, politics of black resistance
September 1, 2006
The InterActivist

Just going through the motions
September 9, 2002
Athens Post (weekly column)

February 10, 2001
Athens Agenda Magazine

Jehan Mullin: Ohio University alum witnesses Israel’s 2006 war on Lebanon
September 1, 2006
The InterActivist

From laughing off genocide to openly advocating it
Septmebr 18, 2007
Athens Post

Students for a Democratic Society agitates for freer speech at Ohio University
February 10, 2007
The InterActivist

Free Student Press: Because 12 years is too long to be silenced
September 1, 2000
Democracy & Education

World can’t wait… for decent journalism
November 4, 2005
Athens Post

Vocal minority has issues, definitions confused
April 18, 2002
Athens Post

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