Coverage of My Organizing, Activism & Electoral Campaigns

This stuff keeps me busy! While I’ve published about 100 pieces of my own writing to date, my activism & organizing have been covered in about 275 articles written by others. Most of that coverage is included here, grouped according to topic. Additional feature interviews with me can be found here.

Housing Justice, Tenant Organizing & Local Politics


Photo by Kevin Pan, The Post, Athens Ohio — Damon Krane, head of research committee for the Athens Tenant Union, speaks to residents at a meeting in Bentley Hall on Aug 30, 2017. The 2017 Athens Tenant Union is now defunct, but Krane continues tenant advocacy and organizing with the group United Athens County Tenants.

“Podcast: Athens Happens- An Interview with Damon Krane” The New Political, 11/30/21
“From Outside Party Lines: Athens independents look to organizing after disparaging remarks, election losses” The Post, 11/18/21
“United Athens County Tenants discuss sexual harassment by landlords” The New Political, 11/17/21
“Tenant advocacy group hosts panel on sexual harassment by landlords” Athens Messenger, 11/17/21
Athens Voice, Athens News, 11/17/21
“Street vendors concerned by increased penalties for violations” Athens News, 11/9/21
“Most incumbents victorious in low turn-out election, with some local upsets” Athens Messenger, 11/3/21
“Unofficial Athens County 2021 General Election results” Athens Messenger, 11/2/21
“2021 General Election Results” The New Political, 11/2/21
“Independent Opinions: Independent candidates offer competition, choice in elections, but are rarely elected” The Post, 11/1/21
“Campbell’s Corner: Why local elections are just as important as national ones” The Post, 11/1/21
“A decade old Facebook post is reflective of Mayor Patterson’s recent hypocrisy” The Post, 10/28/21
ENDORSEMENT: “Krane’s words are backed by his work” Athens News, 10/27/21
ENDORSEMENT: “A vote for Krane is a vote for housing standards” Athens News, 10/27/21
ENDORSEMENT: “Krane for Council” Athens News, 10/27/21
ENDORSEMENTS: Two more in the Athens Voice! – Athens News, 10/2721
“Virjee and Patterson speak candidly at campus event” Athens Messenger, 10/27/21
Column/Endorsement: “It’s time for an independent city council” New Political, 10/26/21
“Evictions increasing in Athens County” Athens Messenger, 10/26/21
“Appointed Athens council members respond to being called “tokenized” political pawns by council candidate” WOUB, 10/20/21
Editorial: “Thwarting the press is anti-democratic” Athens News, 10/20/21
“Independents berate Athens mayor at council following leaked GOP meeting audio” Athens News, 10/19/21
“City Council: Body discusses parking and vendors, encounters strong comments from public” The Post, 10/19/21
Letter: “Mayor Patterson can still surprise me” Athens Messenger, 10/13/21
“Republicans leak audio of Patterson bashing progressive independents at private GOP luncheon” Athens News & Athens Messenger, 10/13/21
“Four of five Athens City Council at-large candidates respond to housing inquiry” Athens Messenger, 10/11/21
“Dem candidates for Athens Council miss OU Student Senate voter forum, Dem Chair says absence was ‘not intentional'” Athens News, 10/5/21
“Student Senate hosts City Council at-large candidate forum” New Political, 10/4/21
“OU Student Senate hosts town hall with Athens City Council candidates” The Post, 10/1/21
“At-large candidates talk transparency, short term rentals, local policing at forum” New Political, 9/22/21
Letter: “Krane will help city engage with local population” Athens News, 9/22/21
Video: “Athens City Council At-Large Candidates Forum” League of Women Voters of Athens County, 9/21/21
“Athens County League of Women Voters to hold forum for Athens at-large race” Athens Messenger, 9/13/21
“Candidate Forum for Athens City Council-At-Large” Athens News, 9/10/21
“OPINION: Students don’t get a say in Ohio primaries” New Political, 8/27/21
“Athens City Council approves over $91,000 for mandatory racial equity training for city employees” Athens News, 8/3/21
“Elections Board certifies independent candidates for Athens Council race” Athens Messenger, 7/16/21
“Banning discrimination against tenants with HUD vouchers is just the beginning” Athens Post, 6/30/21
“Athens City Council passes ‘source of income discrimination’ ban”
Athens News, 6/10/21
“Athens Council votes to ban source of income discrimination against tenants” Athens Messenger, 6/9/21
“City Council: Source of income housing discrimination banned, Athens partners with OU for wastewater COVID-19 surveillance” Athens Post, 6/7/21
“Athens City Council Candidate Iris Virjee gives insight on her campaign platform” Athens Post, 6/2/21
“Ohio University LGBT Director appointed to Athens City Council seat” Athens Messenger, 5/28/21
“Ohio University LGBT Center director appointed to Athens City Council” Athens News, 5/27/21
“City Council proposes ban on source of income discrimination be added to city code” Athens Post, 5/19/21
“Athens City Council considers ban on ‘source of income’ discrimination in housing” Athens News, 5/18/21
“City Council: Body passes ordinance to transfer funds, discusses adding source of income discrimination to Athens City code” Athens Post, 5/17/21
“Smiling Skull Saloon bartender, an Independent, enters at-large Athens City Council race” Athens News, 5/17/21
“Athens City Councilmember Beth Clodfelter resigns for regional job with Sen. Sherrod Brown” Athens News, 5/11/21
“Fahl routed in Fourth Ward Democratic Primary; Swank takes 65% of vote” Athens Messenger, 5/5/21
“Swank unseats fourth ward incumbent in sole Athens County primary race” Athens News, 5/4/21
“It’s always election season in Ohio” New Political, 4/28/21
“Influential Facebook group moderators gatekeep campaign posts from Damon Krane Athens News, 4/26/21
“A look into progressive Athens City Council candidates’ platforms” Athens Post, 4/21/21
“Athens City Council proposes amendment to unlawful discriminatory practices ordinance” New Political, 4/13/21
“City Council: Prevention of discrimination based on income discussed” Athens Post, 4/12/21
“Professed democratic socialist Damon Krane announces at-large Athens City Council bid” Athens Messenger, 4/16/21
“Damon Krane aims to push Democrats further left with City Council bid” Athens News, 4/14/21
“United Athens County Tenants host panel on affordable housing for community” Athens Post,  3/11/21
“City Council discusses affordable housing, economic development” New Political, 3/2/2021
“Statement Opposing Public Subsidization of Luxury Housing” Athens City Council Mtg, 3/1/21
“City Council hits roadblock in University Estates affordable housing initiative” Athens News, 2/23/21
“City Council: Members discuss $20,000 increase in cost of University Estates townhouses” Athens Post, 2/22/21
“Fahl to face primary challenge for Athens City Council” Athens News, 2/5/21
“Athens could have its most competitive election season in years, and it would be thanks to Damon Krane” Athens News, 1/25/21
“Donkey Coffee manager launches City Council bid” Athens News, 1/28/21
“Councilmember Pete Kotses announces he won’t seek another term” Athens News, 1/15/21
“Housing Authority says HUD and Prokos ‘incompatible'” Athens Messenger, 10/19/20
“Unemployed renters have rent due this week; some will get breaks, some won’t” Athens News, 4/1/20
“County Municipal court halts hearings” Athens Messenger, 3/25/20
“COVID-19: City will not shut off water; court will not halt evictions” Athens News, 3/18/20
“City Council urged to freeze rent, utility payments for residents,” Athens Messenger, 3/18/20
“Housing reform discussion continues into the new year” Athens Post, 2/5/20
“Athens Happens: Damon Krane’s vision of democratic socialism” New Political, 1/2/20
“The Blue Wall” New Political, Winter Magazine: January 2020
“Athens County voter turnout was low compared previous years” New Political, 11/13/19
“OPINION: Post-election results and reflections” New Political, 11/8/19
“LGBT+ voters face barriers in and out of the voting booth” Athens Post, 11/6/19
“Athens Keeps Patterson, County Passes Library and Children Services Levies” WOUB News, 11/5/19
“Mayor and other Dems roll to victory in Athens” Athens News, 11/6/19
“Athens Dems sweep city elections; nearly all countywide tax issues win” Athens News, 11/5/19
“Patterson wins re-election as Athens mayor” Athens Messenger, 11/5/19
“Patterson remains Athens mayor following landslide victory against Damon Krane” New Political, 11/5/19
“Athens County General Election Results 2019” Athens Messenger, 11/4/19
Who’s funding the campaigns of Athens candidates” New Political, 11/1/19
“Socialist candidates appearing on Athens County ballots, reflecting national trend” Columbus Dispatch, 10/28/19
“OPINION: Civility in local and national politics” New Political, 10/25/19
“OPINION: Is Athens ready for a socialist takeover?” New Political, 10/24/19
“Athens tenants air grievances at a town hall” New Political, 10/22/19
“How candidates Damon Krane and Ellie Hamrick got your phone number” New Political, 10/11/19
2019 Mayoral Campaign Video: “Athens Renters Voting for Change”
2019 Mayoral Campaign Video: “Krane for Mayor – Win the Athens We Deserve!”
“Athens City Council candidates stake out positions in forum” Athens News, 10/10/19
“Five takeaways: Athens mayoral forum with Mayor Patterson, challenger Damon Krane” New Political, 9/25/19
“Athens mayoral forum gets contentious” Athens News, 9/25/19
“2 candidates plan to change rental housing policies in Athens” Athens Post, 9/22/19
“City Dem candidates kick off their campaign” Athens News, 9/18/19
“Swing State of Mind: Athens Mayoral Candidate Damon Krane” Athens Post, 9/9/19
“Mayoral candidate accuses City Council of co-opting housing reform initiative” New Political, 9/4/19
“Athens election challengers: City enables ‘slumlords’ over tenants; City Council proposes law to stiffen fines on landlords who don’t fix violations of city code after first notice” Athens News, 8/28/19
“Full list of candidates, issues that have filed for November election” Athens Messenger, 8/14/19
“An independent socialist runs for city council in Athens, Ohio” Socialist Action, 7/27/19
“Indy candidates swim against the established stream” Athens News, 6/26/19
“McGee decides to run for re-election to City Council after all” Athens News, 5/1/19
“Responding to opponent’s criticism, mayor dishes out bad info” Athens News, 3/31/19
“Challenger questions mayor’s code enforcement numbers; Mayor Patterson seeks to explain figures in face of Krane’s criticism” Athens News, 3/31/19
“OU alum running for council as declared socialist” Athens News, 3/10/19
“Candidate comes forward to challenge Athens mayor” Athens News, 3/6/19
“New ‘Tenant Union’ forms in Athens,” Athens News, 10/8/17
“Campus activists prepare for a year of action and solidarity,” Athens Post, 9/6/17

Movement for Black Lives, Athens County Copwatch & Local Politics


“Athens City Council approves over $91,000 for mandatory racial equity training for city employees” Athens News, 8/3/21
“City Council: Mayor Steve Patterson discusses racial equity, Athens named Bee City USA affiliate” Athens Post, 5/4/21
“Influential Facebook group moderators gatekeep campaign posts from Damon Krane Athens News, 4/26/21
“A look into progressive Athens City Council candidates’ platforms” Athens Post, 4/21/21
“Professed democratic socialist Damon Krane announces at-large Athens City Council bid” Athens Messenger, 4/16/21
“Damon Krane aims to push Democrats further left with City Council bid” Athens News, 4/14/21
“Virtual candidate forum highlights Athens Fourth Ward” Athens News, 3/25/21
“Candidates in Ward 4 primary meet for virtual forum” Athens Messenger, 3/24/21
“Sheriff says he won’t quit over wife’s social media posts” Athens Messenger, 3/23/21
“Sheriff says he won’t quit over wife’s social media posts” Logan Daily News, 3/20/21
Hocking County sheriff under fire for wife’s comments about insurrection, white pride” Columbus Dispatch, 3/17/21
“City of Athens in the midst of conducting racial equity review of city code, policies” Athens Post, 3/15/2021
“City Council’s racial review of city code to proceed with help of Athens County Foundation”
Athens News, 2/2/21
“Athens residents take action to investigate Athens policing” The New Political, 12/22/20
“City Council: New police union contract negotiated, approved to dismay of local activists” Athens Post, 12/22/20
“Fast-tracked police contract approval garners frustration” Athens Messenger, 12-24-20
“City Council renews police union contracts; activists say it was wrongfully fast-tracked”
Athens News, 12/22/20
Press Conference: Athens County Copwatch – December 15, 2020
“Athens police chief dismisses activists’ claims of disciplinary police records expungement”
Athens News, 12/8/20
“Athens residents call for police contract to not be renewed” Athens Messenger, 10/27/20
“ARTS/West to get streaming services, Council urged to renegotiate police contract” Athens, Ohio / The Post, 10/19/20
“Athens County group demands action on past resolution from city leaders” Athens News, 10/7/20
“Demonstrators on Court brigade City Council Zoom meeting, Council deliberates towing restriction” The New Political, 10/6/20
“Athens County Copwatch members criticize city for not following through on investigation into racism in governance” Athens, Ohio / The Post. 10/6/20
“Nelsonville parts ways with officer only hours after hiring” Athens Messenger, 9/8/20
“Another racist cop forced out in Nelsonville” Athens Left Field, 9/7/20
“Nelsonville Police Officer Resigns Over ‘Insensitive’ Facebook Post” WOUB Public Media, 9/6/20
“‘Your Move’ protesters call for city to address police brutality” New Political, 9/1/20
“Athens rallies to end racist practices, support Black lives” Athens Post, 9/1/20
“Athens County Copwatch tracks racial bias in Athens policing” Athens Post, 8/28/20
“Clashes Between ‘Defend The Police’ And ‘Defend Our Community’ End Peacefully” WOUB Public Media, 7/10/20
“City officials say police defunding isn’t planned in Athens” Athens News, 7/8/20
“Defend the Police and BLM rallies take to Uptown,” Athens News, 7/8/20
“Defend the Police and Black Lives Matter groups collide in Uptown Athens” Athens Messenger, 7/7/20
“Protests over policing collide across Court Street” Athens Post, 7/5/20
“Defend the Police and Black Lives Matter groups protest in downtown Athens” Athens Messenger, 7/5/20

Student Press Rights & Free Student Press (organization)

Students Profs_FreeSpeech

“Former local activist takes Free Student Press campaign to next level”
Athens News, 7/2/15
“Student press group critiques policies at local schools,” Athens News, 2/2/04
“Workshops offer information on students’ right to free press,” The Post, 2/4/04
“Group seeks to inform high school students of First Amendment rights,” Athens Messenger, 1/28/04
“OU students, profs discuss free speech,” Athens News, 5/21/01
“Local ACLU to honor three Nelsonville-York student journalists,” Athens News, 11/9/00
“Students hand out underground paper off campus after school administrators threaten suspension,” Student Press Law Center, Spring 2000
“First Amendment transgressions cause uproar at Nelsonville-York High School,” The Matrix (Athens High School), April 2000
“Nelsonville administrators deserve detention,” The Post, 2/15/00
“Local high school gets lesson in freedom of the press,” Athens news, 2/10/00
“Lockdown passed out, no one suspended,” Athens News, 2/10/00
“First Amendment right excercised by students,” Logan Daily News, 2/8/00
“Extra, Extra! Lockdown publishes again!” The Post, 2/8/00
“Student-run ‘Lockdown’ publishes again,” Athens Messenger, 2/8/00
“Today’s D-day for paper at NY school,” Athens News, 2/7/00
“Students unlock speech rights,” The Post, 2/3/00
“School district’s censorship contrary to what goal of education should be,” Athens News, 1/27/00
“Free speech or an exit out of school,” Athens News, 1/3/00
“ACLU notable talks about student paper,” Athens News, 11/18/99
“School seen as choking free speech,” Athens Messenger, 11/14/99
“School needs a ‘Lockdown,'” The Post, 11/4/99
“Nelsonville fears school violence,” The Post, 11/3/99
“Nelsonville student paper is not an ‘underground’ paper,” Athens News, 11/1/99
“Students face ‘lock-down’ on publication,” The Post, 10/28/99
“Student paper at center of debate at local school,” Athens News, 10/25/99
“Free Student Press advocates students’ First Amendment rights,” The Matrix (Athens High School), October 1999
“Group urges student liberation,” Athens News, 9/20/99
“New group hopes to enlighten area high school students about their rights,” Athens News, 9/16/99

Feminist & LGBT Issues


“Student senator resigns in protest, citing poor leadership,” Athens News, 11/7/02
“Planned new student union likely to include women’s center,” Athens News, 10/10/02
“Performer incarnates host of characters in one-woman show,” Athens News, 5/16/02
“OU turns over graffiti wall vandalism suspects to Judiciaries,” Athens News, 5/9/02
“Letter decrying LGBT community had several serious problems,” Athens News, 4/25/02
“OU takes hate messages seriously,” Athens News, 4/15/02
“OU: Hate speech gets out of hand,” Athens News, 4/15/02
“Swarm of Dykes back on campus just in time for pride week,” Athens News, 4/11/02
“OU Police Dept. promises to demystify campus crime stats,” Athens News, 4/11/02
“Critic of demands simply doesn’t understand them,” The Post, 4/11/02
“LGBT people and their allies fight for equality, not majority,” The Post, 4/__/02
“Productive education is key to better understanding,” The Post, 4/8/02
“Students discuss next steps in anti-hate crime campaign,” Athens News, 4/8/02
“‘Shame’ is right: this campus should be ashamed of itself,” Athens News, 4/1//02
“Following campus assaults, student walkout, some charge that OU still hasn’t done enough,” Athens News, 4/1/02
“Alleged sexual offense by OU stuent still under investigation,” Athens News, 1/24/04
“OU tourguides shouldn’t be expected to share information on campus violence,” The Post, 2/8/02
“Assault, march peak interest from gay affairs commissioner,” Outlook, 1/31/02 – 2/13/02
“Hate crimes fester in pool of ignorance,” Athens Insider, 2/13/02
“‘Free speech’ a fuzzy notion, even outside OU,” Athens Insider, 2/13/02
“Studenst express concern about speech policies,” The Post, 2/11/02
“Students call for greater freedom of speech on OU campus,” Athens News, 2/11//02
“Students walk out, rally against hate, sex assaults,” Athens News, 2/7/02
“Students taking action: 3 assaults prompt rally, demand for change,” Athens Messenger, 2/5/02
“Groups plan class walkout to protest OU response to recent attacks,” Athens News, 1/31/02
“100-plus women march for empowerment, against sexual assault,” Athens News, 5/15/00

Anti-War & Anti-Bush


“Local activists share in settlement from Kent anti-war protest lawsuit,” Athens News, 9/6/07
“Kent ordered to pay $130,000 for arrests; lawsuit stems from detained protesters in May 4, 2003 demonstration,” Record-Courier, 8/29/07
“Recruiters face mixed response from civilians,” The Post, 1/26/07
“Recruiting for anti-recruitment forces goes national,” Pittsburgh City Paper, 3/30/06
“Name of OU freshman shows up on federal surveillance list,” Athens News, 1/12/06
“InterAct voted Best Student Group in Athens,” Athens News, 1/2006
“Anti-war movement takes new direction,” The InterActivist, 11/05
“Protesters should be applauded for stepping up to their responsibility,” Athens News, 11/10/05
“Misguided student walkout won’t help stop the war,” Athens News, 11/3/05
“Standoff with the military: Demonstrators vow to shut down recruitment,” Athens News, 11/3/05
“Anti-Bush activists stage walk-out,” The Post, 11/3/05
“Students walk, speak out: Rally questions war, administration, recruiting,” Athens Nessenger, 11/3/05
“Yes it can” Protest group all rhetoric, no plan,” The Post, 11/1/05
“World Can’t Wait’s message irrational,” The Post, 11/1/05
“Don’t blame recruiters,” Athens Messenger, 11/1/05
“Planned anti-Bush class walkout Wednesday spurs varied faculty, student reactions,” Athens News, 10/31/05
“Anti-war group meets to discuss planned class walkout,” Athens News, 10/27/05
“Counter-recruitment recruiting out of state,” Pittsburgh City Paper, 10/20/05
“Anti-war group advocates counter-recruitment,” The Post, 10/29/05
Walkout to aim at recruiters,” The Post, __/__/05
“Protesters rally to oust recruiters,” The Post, 9/28/05
“May 4, 2003 events spur federal suit: City of Kent, KSU named in action,” Record-Courier, 5/4/05
“Students, locals plan to symbolically kick the bucket for peace,” Athens News, 4/4/05
“Attending inauguration as part of the Bush opposition an inspiring experience,” Athens News (commentary by campus reporter Chris Golhke), 1/24/05
“Things go smoothly as local anti-Bush group joins Inauguration protests,” Athens News, 1/24/05
“Progressives’ rally uses President Bush as a pinata,” Athens News, 6/1/04
“Two campus speakers give opposite views of American policy in Iraq,” Athens News, 1/26/04 (See also: “Here’s four good questions for Saddam Hussein — and the United States,” Athens News, 12/24/03; “New York Times’ mea cupla about lead-up to Iraq war doesn’t quite cut it,” Athens News, 6/6/04)
“Speakers at campus rally call President Bush on the carpet,” Athens News, 9/29/03
“Peace protest ends in arrest,” Pitt News, 8/24/03
“Iraq war debate proved that this issue can be discussed civilly,” Athens News, 6/12/03
“Both sides of war debate should be willing to exchange their views on it,” Athens News, 5/22/03
“13 plead not guilty in protest,” Record-Courier, 5/9/03
Anti-war, pro-war student groups plan separate activities,” Athens News, 4/23/03
“Student anti-war group challenges Republicans to debate,” Athens News, 4/10/03
“Uptown rally turns into war debate,” Athens News, 4/7/03
“Candlelight vigil calm, reflective,” The Post, 3/20/03
“Non-natives feel fear, uneasiness,” The Post, 3/20/02
“Protesters make case for peace,” The Post, 3/20/03
“Campus activists block intersection,” The Post, 3/20/03
“Students voice opinions, ‘give a damn,'” The Post, 3/20/03
“OU students choose between studying for finals or protesting against war,” Athens News, 3/20/03
“Uptown protesters get jump on Iraq war,” Athens News, 3/20/03
“Students prep for disobedience,” The Post, 3/20/03
“D.C. streets boast diverse protesters,” The Post, 3/20/03
“Students to debate war on public access show Tuesday,” Athens News, 3/17/03
“OU campus gears up for Iraq war,” Athens News, 3/10/03
“Local hawks, doves wrangle over Iraq at rally,” Athens News, 10/21/02 (See also my column on the rally, “Faith and war: In Bush we trust?” The Post, 10/21/02, and the following letters to the Athens News: “Conservatives’ pro-war expressions at rally embarrassing, inexusable,” Athens News, 10/21/02; “Rally coverage too simplistic,” Athens News, 10/28/02; “Republicans’ behavior at rally an insult to American way of life,” Athens News, 10/28/02; “Critics of protesters have no idea what freedom means,” Athens News, 11/4/02; “Lord please get rid of all these deadbeat anti-war protesters,” 11/4/02)
“Protesters reject response attack,” The Post, 10/9/01
“Community united in sorrow for Sept. 11, but divisions are arising over proper response,” Athens News, 9/24/01

Alter-Globalization Movement


“Local activists plan for IMF confab,” Athens News, 9/13/01
“Activists want to apply Seattle lessons, spirit to issues in Athens,” Athens News, 12/13/99
“Local protesters dissect Seattle experience,” Athens Messenger, 12/12/99
“Some angry residents join in as marches move from downtown,” Los Angeles Times, 12/3/99

Student Power


“Meeting airs concerns about violence, enrollment, power-sharing,” Athens News, 10/26/06
“Town hall topics turn toward shared governance,” The Post, 10/24/06
“Student senate considers on-line voting to boost participation,” Athens News, 9/30/02
“Students call for greater freedom of speech on OU campus,” Athens News, 2/11/02

Anti-Racism (prior to Movement for Black Lives)


[Editor’s note, 11/7/14 — Within the U.S. the term “racism” tends to refer to racism which targets people residing within U.S. borders — so-called “domestic race issues”. However, all of my organizing against post-9/11 U.S. foreign policy and U.S. support for Israel’s ethnic cleansing has been in opposition to extremely racist policies which are only possible because of racist and xenophobic attitudes widespread among Americans. (See, for instance, my arguments in “Ohio University newspaper goes from laughing off genocide to openly advocating it,” Ohio University Post, 9/18/07 and “Blood bucket makes big mess for supporters of Israel’s ethnic cleansing,” Ohio University Post, 9/8/14, and Athens News, 9/11/14.) While the subsections above containcoverage of my organizing around these latter issues, there has been no coverage of my organizing around the former. However, I have written about racism with regard to domestic issues and local organizing efforts, including within the following pieces.]

“Rightwing student group wants to let white people off the hook for racism,” Athens News, 11/13/00
“Hiphop scholar mixes culture, politics of black resistance,” The InterActivist, 9/1/06
“Why should minorities support white student power?” The Athens News and Ohio University Post, 11/2/06
“Latino Group Discusses Conflict with Ohio University newspaper,” The InterActivist, 10/15/07

The InterActivist Magazine


“Specialty magazines pepper campus online landscape,” Athens News, 4/15/12
“Taking (almost) all of it off for a good cause,” Athens News, 3/17/08

Environmentalism, poverty, drug policy, academic speech, etc.

“Court opens door for Ohio to tackle pollution; will governor follow through?” Athens News, 4/12/07
“Some OU students wouldn’t mind rules to curb classroom bias,” Athens News, 4/12/07
“OU student groups focus on area poverty, hunger this month,” Athens News, 2/20/06
“Athens native runs for at-large council seat,” The Post, 5/11/05
“Believe it or not, most profs enjoy being challenged in the classroom,” Athens News, 4/21/05
“Speaker: US drug war in Columbia blind, stupid and counterproductive,” Athens News, 5/13/02
“Shushing of bands indicates OU’s priorities not with students,” Athens News, 11/16/00
“Local bike group reaches critical mass,” Athens News, 9/27/99

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