Past News Coverage of the Independent Student Newspaper Lockdown


“Local ACLU to honor three Nelsonville-York student journalists,” Athens News, 11/9/00

“Students hand out underground paper off campus after school administrators threaten suspension,” Student Press Law Center, Spring 2000


“First Amendment transgressions cause uproar at Nelsonville-York High School,” The Matrix (Athens High School), April 2000


“Nelsonville administrators deserve detention,” The Post, 2/15/00

“Local high school gets lesson in freedom of the press,” Athens news, 2/10/00


“Lockdown passed out, no one suspended,” Athens News, 2/10/00


“First Amendment right excercised by students,” Logan Daily News, 2/8/00


“Extra, Extra! Lockdown publishes again!” The Post, 2/8/00

“Student-run ‘Lockdown’ publishes again,” Athens Messenger, 2/8/00

“Today’s D-day for paper at NY school,” Athens News, 2/7/00


“Students unlock speech rights,” The Post, 2/3/00

“School district’s censorship contrary to what goal of education should be,” Athens News, 1/27/00


“Free speech or an exit out of school,” Athens News, 1/3/00


“ACLU notable talks about student paper,” Athens News, 11/18/99

“School seen as choking free speech,” Athens Messenger, 11/14/99


“School needs a ‘Lockdown,'” The Post, 11/4/99

“Nelsonville fears school violence,” The Post, 11/3/99

“Nelsonville student paper is not an ‘underground’ paper,” Athens News, 11/1/99


“Students face ‘lock-down’ on publication,” The Post, 10/28/99

“Student paper at center of debate at local school,” Athens News, 10/25/99


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